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Geraldine Johns-Putra

Episode 34   2 September 2021

Aligning our laws with Universal laws

Geraldine Johns-Putra host of New Earth lawyer podcast


Aligning our laws with Universal lawsGeraldine Johns-Putra
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Geraldine Johns-Putra

Principal lawyer, Geraldine Grace | Host, New Earth lawyer podcast 

I discuss Universal laws and how lawyers can align our Earth laws or human-made laws with Universal laws. Many of the lawyers I interview on my podcast are doing just that.  

We are learning to practise law so that we align with the Law of Oneness, Law of Correspondence, Law of Vibration, Law of Attraction,  Law of Intention, Law of Purpose and many more Universal Laws.


Show notes





I am an experienced corporate lawyer, using the law to build purposeful, human-centred, Earth-friendly legal enterprises & ecosystems, for happier humans and a better planet.

I am also the founder and host of the New Earth lawyer podcast.

I am based in Melbourne, Australia, and an expert in enterprise governance, purpose, business & human rights and modern slavery. I established my own law practice Geraldine Grace in 2020, focussing on enterprises seeking purpose, and actors in the impact economy.  

I am a legal advisor to not-for-profits with a national reach in impact and purpose. I work with Boards to optimise performance and help enterprises embed purpose and integrate human rights into their business.

I have over 20 years' experience practising law in Australia, the UK, Hong Kong and mainland China.  I have worked for large global and Australian law firms and was a partner of a top-tier Australian law firm for several years. 


I sit on the peak governing body of Australia's largest university. 

Show notes:

  • [0:29] Universal laws are principles or laws that apply universally. We are multi-dimensional beings awakening to our true selves. We are part of a vast and populated Universe. As we awaken to this, we will need to align our Earth laws to Universal laws.

  • [4:14] The main Universal law we need to understand is the Law of Oneness. This means our legal system will not need to be punitive, as we will understand that what we do to others, we do unto ourselves.

  • [7:07] The Universal Law of Correspondence states that as above, so below and as within, so without.  We will need to harmonise our laws with Universal laws so that we are in harmony with other timelines and dimensions. 

  • [8:08] We live on a three-dimensional plane where our thoughts and actions have consequences. Therefore, although we should recognise the Law of Non-interference, we need to deal with transgressions of Earth laws. 

  • [10:25] The Law of Attraction, which is related to the Law of Vibration, states that we attract into our lives those things that we vibrate on the same frequency as.  The Law of Intention is also related to this, because people can apply their intentions to move into a certain frequency and attract things of that frequency to them. 

  • [12:52] To empower people to move in and out of situations so they can express themselves using the Laws of Attraction and Intention, our laws should deal compassionately with conflicts, whether they be personal or professional. We can have laws that are less rigid around contracts, employment, property and marriage.

  • [15:29] Laws that give people flexibility will also empower people to pursue their purpose and thus live in accordance with the Law of Purpose or Dharma, 

  • [15:55] Finally, the Law of Perpetual Change which holds that things are constantly changing at a microscopic level requires that our laws are able to change and our law makers serve the collective so that they can be prepared to make changes for the greater good as concepts become obsolete. 


What are Universal laws?  Here is one explanation that contains 12 Universal Laws, including some which I discuss here, like the Law of Oneness, the Law of Vibration, the Law of Attraction, the Law of Constant Change:  

Show notes
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Hi, everyone, welcome to the New Earth lawyer podcast. My name is Geraldine Johns-Putra. I'm your host, I'm a lawyer, I live in work in Melbourne, Australia, this is Boonwurrung country and so I'd like to pay my respects to their Elders past, present and emerging. 


Today I'm going to talk about something that's got a spiritual bent to it. I've been doing a few of these lately. And today's just a continuation of it. What I wanted to talk to you about today was this concept of Universal laws. Universal laws is this idea that there are some principles or laws that apply universally, not just to human beings. It comes from the idea that we are multi-dimensional beings, you know, that we exist, that there's a deeper reality that we can access beyond our five physical senses. And there're aspects or dimensions of ourselves that exist in other realities, either past or future, on this plane, this planet, or in fact, in other dimensions. 


So this whole awakening that we're going through, is a transformation of humanity. It's an awakening not just to our realisation that we are in charge of our own lives, that we are in control of our own realities, that we need to govern ourselves but it's also an awakening to a deeper reality, the multi-dimensional aspects of our being. So it's a consciousness shift. So there's two broad aspects to our awakening, we are really growing up as a species. And that means understanding our autonomy, our sovereignty, and understanding that there's more to us than what we have been taught. 


So what we begin to understand then, is that we are part of a very complex, very vast, very busy, populated Universe. We just haven't learned how to access different parts of the Universe as other races have done. So we haven't learned to master the physics of time, and the physics of deep space. But it's my belief, that that point is coming very soon when we will understand how to traverse significant distances and we'll learn how to manipulate timelines, which means that we'll be able to move instead of just in a linear direction, past, present, future, we will understand that there are really parallel timelines and that time is just another dimension that we can actually travel in. To travel to a particular point in time just as we can travel to a particular point in space. 


So what does this mean? Well, we're going to have to think about how the laws on this planet align with the laws of the Universe essentially. So a lot of the work that I do on the New Earth lawyer podcast, when I'm interviewing other lawyers, as I say, lawyers who are changing the practice of law to change the world, what I'm really doing is that I'm talking to people who are beginning to align Earth laws with Universal laws. They may not realise it themselves but what I perceive is that that's what they're doing. 


So I'm going to give you some examples of this by talking about a set of Universal laws. The main one I'm going to start with is is the Law of One, the law of Oneness. So we all come, according to this Universal law, we all come from the same source, whether you want to call it God or Prime Creator, or All That Is, it's everything, that all of the material in the Universe actually originates from the Source, including us. And we all have consciousness from this one Source. We're just fragmented aspects of Source. And we're split off to have individual experiences. So this is why everything in the Universe is interconnected. Because we share, actually originally, we share one consciousness and so we still do, we still are able to access each other's consciousnesses, because it's all the same field. So to live in accordance with the Law of One, we need to recognise that we are all one. And you know, we are part of everything around us. And vice versa. And every action, word, thought, belief, we have will have an impact on the world, and the people in our lives. And therefore, what the Law of One really reflects as is the Golden Rule. And that's why it appears in all of the religions in in this world, do unto others as you would have done to yourself. Because if we're all one, whatever you want for yourself, you should want it for everyone else. We should treat each other as we would treat ourselves. That's the interconnectedness aspect. And so when it comes to laws, we should be thinking of laws not as penalties or don'ts, do's and don'ts, but rather as, you know, recognising that there are a set of principles by which we want to live our lives, and therefore we want everybody to live their lives. And we wouldn't break a law because we wouldn't want that to be done to us, we wouldn't steal from someone because we wouldn't want anyone to steal from us, we wouldn't hurt someone because we wouldn't want anyone to hurt us. So the Law of One actually is the underpinning of a New Earth law, a new system of laws for Earth. So laws should be based in compassion and love. Because we want everyone to have an opportunity to express themselves and to operate in society that way, and not to have fear and to reach our fullest potential. Because that's what we want for ourselves. 


So the next thing to realise is that because we're all one, we have what's called the Law of Correspondence. And this is sometimes cited as, as above, so below, as within so without, it's this whole idea of a holographic universe, that patterns are repeated everywhere, above, meaning, you know, in other dimensions in the heavens, they're repeated on Earth. And if we do something on Earth, it's reflected in other dimensions. And so it is within your conscious self. Also, whatever you're thinking and feeling will project out into the world around you. This is the Law of Correspondence. So what does law have to do with this? Well, we want laws that are going to be flexible, and reflect Universal Laws, because we want what's happening on Earth to be aligned with what's happening elsewhere in the Universe, and be harmonious with all other timelines and dimensions.


You know, that Star Trek thing of the Prime Directive, and that you shouldn't interfere with others, you shouldn't interfere with another race or planet, that's really concerning free will. And that's a Universal Law, that we shouldn't interfere with the intentions or the wishes of others. So our laws should be as pro-choice and pro freewill as possible. But while we do that, we need to recognise that on Earth, we are in a three-dimensional reality and we are a race that's very attuned to emotions. So our actions, our thoughts and our actions, have physical and emotional consequences. So therefore, even though we want to respect free will, we need to recognise that when people transgress society's laws, they're going to have an impact physically and emotionally on others. So we do need to deal with transgressions of our laws on our plane, on Earth. So what do we do? How do we how do we deal with them? Well, we could do things the old way where we punish people and we throw them into jail and lock them up and throw away the key. Or we can look at resolving root causes and bringing in not just the offender and the government but also considered the victim's rights and considering the community. And this kind of thing is consistent with the practices that I've been speaking to lawyers about on my podcast, such as restorative justice, which looks at restoring the community and restoring the harm and the damage, and also what's called therapeutic jurisprudence, which focuses on the psychological well being of the offender. So that's more about rehabilitating people and really getting at why they've committed whatever offence or crime that they have. So that's a New Earth law concept. And it's aligned with the Law of Correspondence, you know, because we want to be harmonious as other parts of the universe are. 


Another law that we need to think about is the Law of Attraction. Now, we've heard a lot about the Law of Attraction, I don't know over the last decade, two decades, maybe, that's often been used in a very materialistic way to manifest things that you want to bring, good things into your life that you want, you know, like, lots of money, or you know, a great partner, or a nice house or a great car or whatever. But really, what the Law of Attraction is, is it has to do with another law, which is called the Law of Vibration, this whole idea that things, we all have a certain frequency, we're all made up of units of consciousness that vibrate at a certain frequency. And, you know, you can actually increase your vibration, which is a concept we hear about a lot. And that whatever vibration you're at, you'll attract things that are vibrating at the same rate, you'll attract things and people that are on the same frequency. And so if you're positive and proactive and loving, you're going to attract more of that into your life. So that's just the Law of Attraction, it is just an extension of the Law of Vibration. So what it comes to with that is, you know, if you recognise the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction, then you also recognise the Law of Intention, which is that when people visualise something with intention, intent, then they can exploit the Law of Attraction and bring that thing to them, because they're intending to be at whatever frequency is necessary to bring that thing to them. So they're putting themselves intentionally on a particular frequency. So what does that mean for laws? Well, it means that we need to have a kind of flexibility to prevail, so that people can align themselves with whatever they want to attract, you know, they can have the flexibility to do that to move in and out of situations as they grow and expand in the consciousness, or as they decide that they want to experience new things. We want to have laws that don't tie people down to things too much. 


You know, so for example, in my podcast, I talk to people who are specialists in a certain kind of conflict resolution, that's called collaborative practice. And that can mean any kind of disputes. You know, there's a way of resolving disputes with people so that you know, what's best for both parties is achieved in a non confrontational way, in a way that avoids trauma and harm. So what that does is it allows people to leave relationships or leave positions without negative impact or minimising negative impact, so that they can align themselves with whatever they want to in harmony with the Law of Attraction or the Law of Intention. Conscious contracts is another one that allows this because the conscious contract, which is a values-based contract, which is a contract that is around, you know, achieving what's best for both people will have enough flexibility in it so that if circumstances change for one person, they can move on in a way that isn't harmful, and isn't going to attract all of this, these penalties and punishments. We could even think about legal systems that are more flexible in terms of employment, so that people aren't tied down to a job necessarily, they may move into things that are more like independent contract work, the gig economy, so that they can move from situation to situation. They're not owned by their employers. We may rethink things like property laws, some people may decide in a freer world, that they don't want to be tied down to a house, or they don't want to own things that are going to feel like a millstone around the neck. They might want to share those things with other people so we can have laws around sharing property and sharing assets rather than owning. I've mentioned family laws that we can have. And we can also work with, lawyers can work with other disciplines who can help people move through changes, life coaches, financial advisors, psychologists, counsellors, so that rather than people feeling like they have to stay in the same place, and if they want to change, they have to fight to change, people will will be enabled and empowered to make changes. 

And this is also going to be consistent with the Law of Purpose, or Dharma, as the Buddhists call it, which says that each soul has a purpose. Sometimes we call it the soul blueprint. So in a legal system that's aligned with spiritual laws, or Universal laws, with enough flexibility and compassion for everyone involved, each person would be freer to pursue their soul purpose. 


There's also a law that I'm going to mentioned, which is Perpetual Change, which holds that everything around us is in constant flux, and comes and goes according to our consciousness, our thoughts on an individual, but particularly on a collective level. Now we can't observe every single change because they they occur at a microscopic level. But a legal system that aligns with the Law of Constant Change would be fluid. So for example, I've spoken in the past about making sure we have lawmakers who understand that they work for the people, have a duty that they recognise, to the public trust. So they wouldn't have very rigid laws, they would have laws that, you know, can accommodate change, that can accommodate societal changes. And if needed, that they needed to, they will be attuned to changes in society that will allow them to pass new laws that society needs. If things become obsolete for us, particularly as we advance further and further, we may find that we're just not requiring certain concepts in our laws. And our lawmakers would need to be prepared to move with that quickly. And flexibly. 


So those are just some of the Universal laws that I wanted to mention. You know, my thinking is around how are we going to get from here to there? Obviously, we're all moving together forward, but how are the lawyers going to help? How can we be of best service to make sure that really, we get to a place where we, we join the multi-dimensional reality that we were always meant to, that we we as Earthlings, as human beings, have a system of laws, and a system that governs how we live that really is deserving of our place in the Universe. So that's all I want to say. I hope you've enjoyed it. I really have enjoyed thinking about the different Universal laws and what kind of Earth legal system would best match Universal laws. I'll see you next week. Thank you for watching.


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