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Geraldine Johns-Putra

Episode 42   30 September 2021

Unity consciousness - more important than ever

Geraldine Johns-Putra host of New Earth lawyer podcast


Unity Consciousness - more important than everGeraldine Johns-Putra
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Geraldine Johns-Putra

Principal lawyer, Geraldine Grace | Host, New Earth lawyer podcast 


I talk about how the biggest challenge facing us is to seek Unity Consciousness through an increasingly polarised world.

I've been reminded of this on a daily basis in the past week, with opportunities to promote conflict in my life and in my clients' lives appearing constantly. We are being tested to rise above divisiveness and bridge differences. 


Show notes





I am an experienced corporate lawyer, using the law to build purposeful, human-centred, Earth-friendly legal enterprises & ecosystems, for happier humans and a better planet.

I am also the founder and host of the New Earth lawyer podcast.

I am based in Melbourne, Australia, and an expert in enterprise governance, purpose, business & human rights and modern slavery. I established my own law practice Geraldine Grace in 2020, focussing on enterprises seeking purpose, and actors in the impact economy.  

I am a legal advisor to not-for-profits with a national reach in impact and purpose. I work with Boards to optimise performance and help enterprises embed purpose and integrate human rights into their business.

I have over 20 years' experience practising law in Australia, the UK, Hong Kong and mainland China.  I have worked for large global and Australian law firms and was a partner of a top-tier Australian law firm for several years. 

Show notes:

  • [0:44] I have been reminded in various ways recently how there are constant opportunities to create conflict in our lives and see others as separate from us.  

  • [2:23] Last week, I had an incident occur that disappointed me when people disagreed with my views and I could have used it as an opportunity to promote more disagreement. Instead, I decided to seek common ground with the people I disagree with.    

  • [4:15] The same tests are happening to my clients. People who have a common goal can end up disagreeing and losing sight of the humanity in others. 

  • [5:09] A new client asked me to choose a Unity Consciousness method for her case, and by doing so she reminded me again how it doesn't always have to be about pushing and fighting. 

  • [6:25] Every potential for conflict is also an opportunity to learn lessons, grow, rise above, test our strength and commitment to love and compassion. It reminds us to be humble. 

  • [7:41] Most of all, it's an opportunity to bridge differences and build oneness in the now, to see all of us and all others as one humanity.


An explanation of a unity consciousness experience and how it can be integrated from Deepak Chopra.

Show notes
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Hi, everyone. Welcome to the New earth lawyer podcast. My name is Geraldine Johns-Putra. I'm a lawyer based in Melbourne, Australia. I'm speaking to you from Boonwurrung country and I'd like to pay my respects to their Elders past, present and emerging. Today I am going to do a really short episode. I just wanted to speak about unity consciousness and the importance of it at this time. 


You know, I've been reminded very recently through a few instances, through my work that I'm doing with clients, through things that are happening to me, and new work that's being referred to me, that the opportunity for conflict between human beings is ever present. It sometimes seems like polarisation is just second nature to us humans, we're always triggered to see ourselves as separate from the other. When we are disappointed, when things don't go our way, we're having a bad day, or someone else is having a bad day and takes it out on us, so many things happen in this life, where we just instantaneously see the other person as not us not the same as us, as separate from us and different. We just cease to see the connectedness. So I'm guilty of it like everyone else. And so much is happening that is really egging us on to engage in that separation. And it just seems like the hardest thing to remain loving and compassionate. And to keep the picture of wholeness and oneness, right now, while remaining centred and holding on to one's sovereignty and position. So it's it's really a level of mastery that we're all being tested on, I believe. 


So last week, I had something happened that disappointed me, it was about disagreement, you know, people disagreeing with my view on fundamental matters. And the first thing I could think of was to respond in a way that showed I was serious about my viewpoint, I wanted to make a stand, I wanted to make a statement, stand up for my principles and show that I couldn't be moved, right. And then I had to step back and reflect about what I was doing and what I was trying to achieve. And I realised that a lot of it was actually arising from my own ego, from my own feeling of needing to defend myself, feeling a little bit fragile, maybe. And connected to having to be right, having to prove my point. So the truth is, and I had to draw back and look at this, there really is no right or no wrong. There is what's right for me. And that is something that I will continue to hew to. 


But really, it's just all of us together. And we're the same as everyone else. Everyone else has this viewpoint of what's right for them. So I took the view that it was about me having to try and find common ground and not elevate my viewpoint ahead of unity, not about putting my viewpoint ahead of others' viewpoint, I was what I was doing was I was putting my viewpoint ahead of unity. It doesn't mean that I backed down, but it meant that I didn't turn it into conflict. And that was quite a hard lesson for me. I thought I was being untrue to myself and I thought I was being a coward but I eventually realised that the important step for me was to move towards people, not away from them. 


So I'm seeing the same thing with people I'm working with clients of mine You know, people in a disagreement can become so entrenched in their positions. And though everyone in the room is working towards the same cause and even though they're all good people, people on either side of the divide forget about that, and they stop seeing the humanity in the other. So I'm seeing a lot of conflict now arise in the clients I'm working for, it's coming up and I'm seeing ways to remind clients of the humanity in the people they see as antagonistic to them. And it's hard work, but it's very rewarding when you can actually reach a good position that works for both sides.


And then finally, I had another reminder from a new client about the importance of seeking unity consciousness. I had a beautiful lady get in touch with me the last few days asking me to help her with a case. This lady is facing an issue with a school, the school that her children go to, and she disagrees with the school policy. But she very insightfully said that rather than push and fight, she would like my help on a way forward with the school that is going to really work for everyone. Work for herself as a parent, work for her children, it would work for other children and other parents and for the school. So she's taking a holistic, unity consciousness approach. And it's quite beautiful to have someone actually come to me wanting to work on that approach. So the work is going to be practical and legal on the one hand, but it's also going to be quite deeply spiritual and energetic, because you can imagine that every step that's taken will focus on it. And, you know, meditate on best outcomes for everybody. 


So it's just seemed to me that I've had so many lessons in the past week reminding me that there is opportunity for conflict around every corner. But so is there an opportunity to learn from the conflict and to rely on a higher perspective. So that's also around every corner, and taking that higher perspective. And that gives us the chance to see what it is that we can learn from the situation, whether it's me or my clients, and the other people whom they're dealing with in their lives. It's an opportunity to test our strengths, that opportunity to test our commitment to love and compassion and our ability to rise above. Because it always takes, you know, you can react in a moment, or you can pause, reflect, and say, okay, what is it? How can I be the observer here, and rise above what seems to be going on? And, you know, even if we think that we've learned it all, and we are so spiritual, and so evolved, well, you know, the lesson in that is to always be humble, because the humility will allow us to understand that we always have lessons. 


And finally it's an opportunity to bridge differences, right? And that means an opportunity to promote unity. Because this is the ultimate lesson right now, to begin to see us and all of humanity, and all living things, all sentient things as part of the whole. So that will strengthen our interconnectedness. And we here living in this 3-dimensional reality, we get to live unity consciousness that way. The knowledge that love is the higher way brings with it the responsibility to always keep striving for the higher way. So that's all I wanted to say in this relatively short episode. Hope you're all keeping happy, healthy, safe in these times, and I'll see you next week.

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