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Geraldine Johns-Putra

Episode 20   15 July 2021

Control structures in our current paradigm

Geraldine Johns-Putra host of New Earth lawyer podcast


Control structures in our current paradigmGeraldine Johns-Putra
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Geraldine Johns-Putra

Principal lawyer, Geraldine Grace | Host, New Earth lawyer podcast 

I discuss the current state of our shift in consciousness as a human collective. As part of this shift, we are breaking out of control structures that exist in our current paradigm.

I highlight the need to be aware of the old (and not so old) control structures and how to identify them. Many structures have benevolent origins but become hijacked with an energy of selfishness, power, division and control. Identifying control structures will enable us to continue our work to build new positive structures that do not attach to the energy that we are leaving behind and no longer serves us.  


Show notes





I am an experienced corporate lawyer, using the law to build purposeful, human-centred, Earth-friendly legal enterprises & ecosystems, for happier humans and a better planet.

I am also the founder and host of the New Earth lawyer podcast.

I am based in Melbourne, Australia, and an expert in enterprise governance, purpose, business & human rights and modern slavery. I established my own law practice Geraldine Grace in 2020, focussing on enterprises seeking purpose, and actors in the impact economy.  

I am a legal advisor to not-for-profits with a national reach in impact and purpose. I work with Boards to optimise performance and help enterprises embed purpose and integrate human rights into their business.

I have over 20 years' experience practising law in Australia, the UK, Hong Kong and mainland China.  I have worked for large global and Australian law firms and was a partner of a top-tier Australian law firm for several years. 


I sit on the peak governing body of Australia's largest university. 

Show notes:

  • [0:27] This week I appeared on Soulogy Network talking about the shift in human consciousness and how New Earth lawyer and our guests contribute to the shift.

  • [1:35] We are shifting from a three-dimensional (3D) consciousness to a fifth-dimensional (5D) consciousness. Fourth dimensional (4D) consciousness is not a platform where humanity dwells permanently and we thus will bypass it.

  • [3:45] Since not all of us are ready to shift from 3D to 5D, as an intermediate step we will transform our current 3D experience, most importantly to break out of the control structures that influence us. 

  • [6:42] The control structures in our current paradigm are reinforced by the power of our thoughts. Most of these structures are hijackings or inversions of systems that have origins in benevolence and service to humanity, like the medical system.

  • [9:11] In the legal system, control structures show up in established systems like government and the criminal justice system.

  • [12:39] The way to identify control structures is that the good intentions take on an energy of punishment; rigidity and rules; economic transactions; inauthenticity and  box-ticking; and most of all divisiveness. 

  • [13:44] There are also newer control structures - these include public health legislation and national security legislation, two areas where government should behave in a protective manner but are easily hijacked into abusive tools of suppression and tyranny.

  • [15:07] More subtle new control structures include corporate social responsibility and the sustainability movement, which can become infused with controlling energy when governed by fear, compulsion, rigidity,  money, inauthenticity and polarisation.

  • [17:37] Support for underprivileged and vulnerable groups can likewise be inverted to create a welfare mindset and stigmatisation.

  • [18:27] To ensure we can discern when a well-intentioned movement or modality is being hijacked into a control structure, lawyers can keep doing inner work and following inner guidance.

  • [19:55] Some lawyers may be called to fight control structures to shed light on what is happening but most of us working in creating for the New Earth will move past that energy to build beautiful legal movements, concepts and modalities for the new paradigm.


My interview with Todd Medina of Soulogy Network.  

A spiritual explanation of 3d and 5D consciousness by intuitive guide Yasmin Ibrahim.

One of my favourite spiritual teachers,  is Franco De Nicola who explains the inversion and hijacking that has occurred with the 3D consciousness and how breaking out of these structures will return us to the original 3D matrix as it was designed to be, a sensorial paradise. 


Franco's webpage: 

Franco's current series of teachings, Advancing Consciousness Series on YouTube: 

Show notes
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Hello, everyone, and welcome to the New Earth lawyer podcast. My name is Geraldine Johns-Putra and I am a lawyer based in Melbourne, Australia and I am your host. 

Now I have had a really interesting week, I had an interview or was on a podcast, another podcast being interviewed by Soulogy Network, which is hosted by a wonderful gentleman named Todd Medina. Todd and I were talking about the shift in human consciousness that's taking place right now and I had the opportunity to tell him about my work with the New Earth lawyer podcast and with the amazing lawyers I'm speaking to, and how lawyers are contributing to the shift in human consciousness. And I've been so fortunate to speak to so many of these lawyers, right here on the New Earth lawyer. It was a long interview, it was about two hours. So although I commend it to you, if you don't have the time to watch the full two hours, just the first half hour will give you an idea of where the collective is right now, in the shift. 


Now this shift, Todd and I had a chance to talk about the overall landscape of it. You may hear in spiritual circles, if you are plugged into them at all, that there's a lot of discussion about 5D, or fifth dimensional consciousness. Currently, we accept from an orthodox mainstream perspective, and a spiritual perspective. Their humanity exists in 3D, three dimensional reality. Now fourth dimensional reality, or 4D is a magical, mystical realm. It's made up of mythical structures and creatures and beings that are part of our collective imagination and part of legend, part of our folklore, if you like and it's not a reality that humanity can dwell in, in physical form, for any length of time. There's some teachings refer to them as the astral realms, that is 4D.


The spiritual teachers say that we're moving from 3D consciousness to 5D consciousness. In 5D consciousness, apparently, we will have access to other dimensions of consciousness. And we'll fully appreciate that we're interconnected to each other, to the Earth and to other dimensions, aspects of ourselves that exist in other dimensions, as well as galactically. 5D consciousness is said to be a less physically dense reality, and more energetic, more ethereal, more spiritual, and we would transform into, our bodies would transform into light bodies, so called, that are more esoteric and energetic.


Realistically, however, most of us, and I'm going to count myself in this category, just aren't prepared to be migrating into light bodies anytime soon. You know, many people wouldn't even countenance the possibility of it happening. So there's a lot of humanity that isn't quite ready to transition to 5D. But there is a shift in consciousness that's occurring. And that's really a shift that's happening because the Earth itself is ready to shift. The Earth itself is upgrading so our planetary playground is moving. And we are getting injections of consciousness, that is, we're being infused with light energy, and love energy, which is expanding our individual and collective consciousness, expanding our experience of what it's like to be human and our realisation of what it means to be human. So while we may not be ready to move to 5D, we're ready to transform the current 3D experience. The current 3D experience is, I referred to in the last episode, subject to a lot of control structures.


But we're ready to turn it into something that's a lot more beautiful. And you will see this in people, people are motivated to do things for others, they're motivated to do things for the collective and for humanity. This is thanks to the infusion of consciousness, which is elevating us.


But what we also need to realise is that the current 3D experience that we have with these control structures, that are influencing us heavily, we can change those things almost instantly, if you like, because all it requires is a shift in perception. Because humanity creates reality with the power of our thoughts. It may take a while for our thoughts to translate into physical manifestation, but that's how it works. And so if we want to stop living in a controlled hierarchical system that is power-centred and materialistic and self serving, what we need to do is that we need to really switch our consciousness into one that is prepared to see a better world and prepared to therefore build and reinforce a better world rather than reinforce control structures. 


So breaking out of control structures can be thought of as an intermediate shift before we move into 5D reality. It's a shift from the current reality where basically everything that is of good intention, everything that moves towards unity, and moves towards dissolving the barriers between us, everything that moves towards a paradigm of serving others, is constantly being hijacked, constantly being infiltrated. And all of these good things then turn out to have some sort of materialistic self serving, power-centred element to it, if not, you know, become completely inverted, and become materialistic, and controlling. 

Good example, you can see this example and you know, almost any system you can think of, but a good example would be medicine. So you take the medical system, the good intention behind the medical system, ask any doctor who has taken the oath to treat their patients, the Hippocratic oath, it's about looking after people. It's about protecting human health. It's fundamentally a well-intentioned system. And look at all of the advances we've made in medicine, look at how we have learned how to treat disease, to understand disease, to invent surgical miracles, medical miracles, we've learned you know hygienic intervention and we have made lives better for, you know, the billions on this planet. But there is a control element within the medical system. And as with so many things on this Earth, it shows up through the energy of money. Why money? Because money is one of the most fundamental separating factors. People either have or they have not. Money drives people towards self serving behaviour, because they begin to want more and more and more and everything becomes transactional. So you see this in the medical system. And if there are flaws in the current medical system, it's because of this. In medicine today, there is a tendency to treat things not holistically not with diet and exercise and lifestyle but with drugs, drugs that cost money, drugs that make money for big pharmaceutical companies. We see a tendency to pooh-pooh alternative medicines and so on and so forth, right? Similar hijacking you can see in the education system, media, information systems, and so on.

In the legal system, really, where you see it, these control structures and hijacking of good intentions, you could see it in government. You know government should be a coordinator and a facilitator of the mass social and economic activities that go on through the community and through society, it should be protector of the underprivileged  and the vulnerable, it should be defender against external threats. And there's so many positive roles that government can play. Instead, we oftentimes have government that is corrupted by power, ineffective, inefficient, or worse. And you have people who are in government who are self interested and we all know this and accept it, but rather than being, or prioritising their civic duty, as leaders and public servants. Another control structure, legally-related, is the criminal justice system. That's used as a tool for for suppression. 

So we have fortunately, many good souls, many hard working, benevolent individuals, brave ones, who work against these control structures and work for a more democratic, more open, more just, more transparent government and criminal justice systems that are aimed towards healing rather than creating more trauma, examples are therapeutic justice and restorative justice.

So this work against a control structures is key. And like I said, we're many unsung heroes amongst us in the legal profession who work hard in these areas. As we step up to a higher level of consciousness, we're going to be breaking out of these control structures, because this higher level of consciousness really relates to a movement towards unity rather than separation. Because the higher consciousness that's coming in is of the love energy and the positively oriented energy which is service to others oriented rather than being service to oneself.

So we need to at the same time be cognisant of the tendency for well-intentioned movements and concepts and modalities to be infiltrated, hijacked and inverted, so that they become instead of the means to help humanity, they become controlling, polarising devices that work against humanity. 

Amongst these are what I call new control structures. Some of these new control structures are some rooted in good intentions, that it's really hard to see them as control structures. Some of them are easier to identify. But one way of identifying whether a movement or modality has been hijacked is it starts to carry a certain kind of energy. Amongst other things, it becomes a tool for punishment. The energy of it becomes punitive, it becomes rigid, rules-based, it becomes transactional, economic, it stops being authentic, it becomes inauthentic and superficial and box ticking. It treats the symptoms rather than root causes. So basically, the energy of fear, hierarchy and division begins to take over. 

So today, more obvious examples of new control structures we might see in public health legislation and national security legislation. Now public health and national security are two areas that are often cited as reasons for, for overriding basic personal liberties and human rights. So for that reason alone legislation in these areas must be carefully scrutinised. And any time there are new laws in these areas, or anytime there's an amendment of laws in these areas, lawyers need to be well aware of the potential for overreach. I think that goes without saying so they may have good intentions behind them, like protecting public health, making a safe, you know, making sure that we can live our lives with security and assurance, but we have to make sure that they don't stray into giving governments too much power and individuals in government - the leaders, the lawmakers, judges, lawyers, law enforcement, public health officials - too much power can be easily abused and turned into control structures.

Other new control structures are a bit more subtle. So they include things like corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Now, these are areas that I work in myself. So you might say to me, Geraldine, how could these very well-intentioned ideas and movements be hijacked into control structures? Well, anything that in these areas, that begins to, as I say, have negative aspects to them, that become very rules based and become very much about punishment and inauthenticity, is actually an indication that a well intentioned idea is slipping into a control structure. When a corporation begins to engage in corporate social responsibility, because of fear of consumer backlash, investor reactions, because it's a box that needs to be ticked. Or probably the biggest signature of when a control structure is being hijacked is when the whole movement begins to divide rather than unite. Take the example of the diversity movement. This is such a well-intentioned movement, it's about making sure that people can be themselves, it's making sure that people are not abused for who they happen to be, it's making sure that they can contribute fully to society, it's making sure that they get the honour and respect that everybody deserves. You couldn't get more pure intentioned than that. But we are moving into a paradigm where if companies do not follow a particular woke script, they then become accused of things like racism and white supremacy. Now, those things do not unite. Or they become fearful of consumer boycott. So are investors withdrawing or other punitive measures. That's what I mean by a well intentioned movement being hijacked and turned into a control structure. 

Another control structure might be where there's a policy that's stated to be aimed at protecting vulnerable groups or underprivileged and rather than engendering self agency, it fosters a sense of dependency or welfare state of mind, an 'us' versus 'them' divide. And this has happened in Australia, for example, with Indigenous policies, that don't get to root causes of the challenges that our Indigenous communities are facing.

So lawyers working to improve things in the world and bring in structures that are positive and light-filled, we would do well to be aware of when good intentions are being hijacked into negative ones. So, as I said in my previous episode, lightworkers, ideally, we should understand how deeply and persistently control structures exist in our society. And we shouldn't be taken in by anything that's not oriented towards the positive, that has the signature elements of control that I mentioned. 

We can really sharpen our discernment in this area, by working on ourselves by by continuing to follow our inner guidance and by not necessarily falling in with what what media is telling us or what the conventional wisdom is, really following your own intuition. Once you've worked on yourself and really clarified your mindset and clarified your spiritual self, it will actually assist in discerning when things are for the good, or when things that were originally for the good are being turned towards the negative.


Now as I mentioned in the last episode, it's best not to get stuck in when things are turning negative, fighting control structures, unless you're specifically called to do that work, and many lawyers are, there's a place for lawyers or fight control structures and I won't deny that. Not all lawyers are going to exist in building for the new yet, some are going to actually do their job to fight the old and the new control structures. 


But many of us who are choosing to work purely in redesign and work on the alternative and the new modalities, we should, you know, work towards building these beautiful things like conscious contracts, therapeutic jurisprudence, collaborative practice, in the area of disputes, collaborative family law, frameworks - legal frameworks that promote shared economies and circular economies, corporate structures that promote purpose, and the establishment of Earth rights and animal rights. Many of these things I've spoken about or had guests speak about on the New Earth lawyer podcast. Some new Earth lawyers will also work towards government reform, constitutional reform, and will work with Indigenous groups towards creating a voice for Indigenous and where desirable entering into treaties with Indigenous groups. 

So that's what I want to say about control structures in the current paradigm as we move towards new paradigms. I really hope you've enjoyed this and I will see you next time. Bye.


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