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Geraldine Johns-Putra

Episode 18 8 July 2021

My ayahuasca chronicles - Part 3

Geraldine Johns-Putra host of New Earth lawyer podcast


Episode 18 My Ayahuasca Chronicles - Part 3Geraldine Johns-Putra
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Geraldine Johns-Putra

Principal lawyer, Geraldine Grace | Host, New Earth lawyer podcast 

In this episode, I discuss how I integrated my experience of taking ayahuasca after returning from Peru 2017.

I had several twists and turns on the path to aligning my purpose, that involved initially throwing myself into my work, later changing direction and transforming my legal practice and finally leaving my job to work on my own.


Along the way, I learned more about the nature of our multi-dimensional reality and why we need to practise discernment when building a new paradigm for the future.


Show notes





I am an experienced corporate lawyer, using the law to build purposeful, human-centred, Earth-friendly legal enterprises & ecosystems, for happier humans and a better planet.

I am also the founder and host of the New Earth lawyer podcast.

I am based in Melbourne, Australia, and an expert in enterprise governance, purpose, business & human rights and modern slavery. I established my own law practice Geraldine Grace in 2020, focussing on enterprises seeking purpose, and actors in the impact economy.  

I am a legal advisor to not-for-profits with a national reach in impact and purpose. I work with Boards to optimise performance and help enterprises embed purpose and integrate human rights into their business.

I have over 20 years' experience practising law in Australia, the UK, Hong Kong and mainland China.  I have worked for large global and Australian law firms and was a partner of a top-tier Australian law firm for several years. 


I sit on the peak governing body of Australia's largest university. 

Show notes:

  • [0:49] Immediately upon my return from Peru, I threw myself into my work.

  • [2:07] Three months after my return, I had a realisation that I was not on the right path, which led me to reflect more deeply on my experiences and reach out to people who had experienced a spiritual connection with off-world energies.

  • [6:42] Upon discovering that many ordinary people were connecting with extra-terrestrials delivering a message of a shift in human consciousness, I began to ponder whether I was in the right job. 

  • [7:51] I was inspired to eventually move away from my legal practice of corporate transactions and mergers & acquisitions into a kinder, more responsible type of law.

  • [10:05] A year or so later, I had another rude jolt that led me to reassess my work once more.

  • [11:14] I began to delve into more historical research of extra-terrestrial contact that suggested to me that the human race has been affected by our off-world interactions for aeons.

  • [14:18] I realised that humanity has likely been negatively influenced and controlled by outside forces without our realisation.

  • [17:11] The shift in consciousness for humanity has as much to do with levelling up to a higher consciousness as it does with recognising and breaking out of existing and very old control structures.

  • [18:22] If we want to be effective change-makers, we need to be cognisant of the darker side of our past and present as a collective and aware of what we are building with our thoughts and our imaginations.  We waste our energy if we work within the control structures.

  • [19:22] We also need not fight existing control structures. Our most effective way forward is to see them for what they are and use the power of our imagination to build new kinder, loving structures.


Part 1 of My Ayahuasca Chronicles. 

Part 2 of My Ayahuasca Chronicles

The Forgotten Promise, by Sherry Wilde, a memoir of a lifelong experiencer of extra-terrestrial communication with a message for humanity. 

The Star Family Conference, held annually in Rye, near Melbourne, in Victoria, Australia,  It is a gathering of keynote speakers, who through both research and personal experiences are uniting to present an alternative view on who we really are, who our Extra-Terrestrial family are, and our place in the Universe. 

Graham Hancock, a British writer and journalist who has written extensively on his theories of an alternative origin story of humanity.

Zechariah Sitchin, an Orientalist and biblical scholar, who translated Sumerian tablets to produce The Earth Chronicles, an alternative explanation for humanity's origins involving ancient astronauts.

The Seth material is a collection of channelled books and recordings by Jane Roberts, an American writer and poet who channelled an entity named Seth in the 1970s until she died in 1984. 

The Law of One is a series of 5 books by Carla Rueckert with the assistance of Don Elkin and Jim McCarty, channelling a collective energy known as Ra, beginning in 1974.

My podcast episode with J Kim Wright.

Show notes
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Hello, everyone, welcome to the New Earth lawyer podcast. This is the final part of my series talking about my experience doing ayahuasca in Peru in 2017. The last couple of weeks I've been talking about it, I've been focusing on my preparation for the trip, and the actual trip itself when I was in Peru in the Amazon jungle and what happened during my ayahuasca ceremonies. This time, I'm going to wrap up and talk about how I integrated my experiences and what happened after I came home to Melbourne. 

I actually felt extremely physically and emotionally fit and healthy. When I returned, I was rejuvenated. I was raring to go and get back to my life. I felt like I had been given insight into my purpose and I just wanted to get on with it. So I did what I normally do when I feel great about myself in my life, which was to throw myself into my work, and my fitness regimen and whatever little projects that I had around the place. For three months, I was full on like, an Eveready battery and I went back to my job as a lawyer, a partner in a law firm. And I was actually, although feeling great about things, doing the same old, same old, I hadn't changed anything. I had been told, during the main ceremony, the most important ceremony that I'd had which revealed to me my purpose, that I was to bring or help to bring light to Earth and that I was actually in the right place, living in Melbourne and working where I was. So I didn't see any need to change anything. And I was going full bore ahead. 

What happened next was, after about three months, I was on a business trip travelling for work. and one afternoon, I had a very severe headache. So I had to leave the office early. And I went back to my hotel room, it was about four o'clock in the afternoon, and I drew the curtains and I lay down in the dark. And I felt like my head was going to split open. And I had this feeling like I was going to be shown something or told something. And it came to me in similar fashion to when I was in Peru, these thoughts, blocks of thoughts, and the main thought that came to me was that I wasn't actually on the right path. and that there were things that I had to change. So I went back to my journals from my time in Peru and I looked back at the entries that I had written around all the ceremonies, but particularly the main ceremony where I had been shown my purpose. And I began to wonder what actually I had been communicating with. Because up to then I hadn't really given that much thought to who or what had been trying to communicate with me. And as I explained in the last episode, this energy that communicated with me purported to be from the stars, which really threw me for six and it didn't sit well with me. 

So I began to really focus on that again, and I did searches of people who had had communications with energies or beings, who are so called off-world or extra terrestrial, that weren't connected to stories of UFO abductions or UFO sightings. I wanted to focus on people who were having spiritual experiences with so called extra terrestrials. And I began to find that there were people who had had such experiences. I actually corresponded for a short while with a lady whose name is Sherry Wilde, and she had written a book called The Forgotten Promise about her lifelong experiences with ETs who told her that they were actually preparing her and she had agreed to come here in communication with them, for a shift of some sort for humanity to higher consciousness. And after communicating with Sherry, I was helped to see that someone else was actually receiving this sort of communication about extra terrestrial beings trying to help us humans to become more awakened and become more conscious. 

Next thing I did was I went to a conference that was organised for people who had connections with ETs, whether through visitations, like Sherry was having, actual physical visitations and even had experiences of being taken off on craft. So some people I was connecting with had experienced this, but at this conference, there were also people who were communicating with off-world entities through dreams. Or through some sort of telepathic communication. Or they came into this world, were born with basically memories intact, of agreements that they had made to come here. So this conference was called the Star Family Conference. And the common theme around all of these connections people were having with galactic beings was this awakening or shifting consciousness for humanity. So that really opened my eyes, that there were loads of people out there who were having these experiences, and this was actually just in Melbourne, or not far from Melbourne. 

And this realisation you would think, would actually inspire me, right? But instead, I went into a kind of depression, or sadness, because I couldn't see how in my current job, what I was doing was going to be making a difference to humanity and contributing to this shift. So around this time, I began to ask for guidance, I just out loud, on my own sometimes to say, well, what am I doing, you know like you showed yourself to me in Peru, or you spoke to me. Now I don't really know what I'm supposed to do, I was told to follow my intuition, but I don't really have any sense of whether I'm doing the right work or in the right job, whether anything that I'm doing is meaningful. And so I felt like I knew I'd been given a broad idea of my purpose, but I had no path. Because it was so extremely difficult to see how in my work as a corporate lawyer working on corporate transactions, I had anything to do with shifting consciousness for humanity. 

But what happened was that after simply asking for some guidance, you know, I got on with it. With my job. I wasn't quite as gung-ho about it as I had been. But I began to think about other ways to contribute using my legal knowledge. And I started to have conversations with people and one by one or bit by bit inspiration presented itself and I began to work with movements of people who were trying to change the world through legal practices, for example, changing company laws, or changing the way companies are set up like the B Corp movement, which I'm now involved in. I got in touch with a lot of lawyers who I now actually interview on this podcast like Kim Wright, who is key to the integrative law movement, which is this idea of a new way of practising law that is holistic, and seeks to change systems for the better. 

So my next step was to begin to engage quite deeply with this new kind of law. And you know, the thing about the journey is to set off, like to take the first step, right, this is what following your intuition I realised means. Don't expect a clear path to be set up for you, you know, with all of the signposts but just take the first step. So that's what I did. And then in trusting my intuition, trusting whatever guidance that I was connecting with internally, I did begin to make connections. And I've explained on this podcast before how paths opened up, and I transformed my legal practice from a very conventional corporate law practice, in mergers and acquisitions, into working for better, more ethical and responsible corporate governance, modern slavery reporting, working with companies who are profit with purpose oriented, so not just profit oriented, and so on and so forth.

And I began in my usual fashion to work quite hard at it. And I was feeling much better and feeling more aligned. In around 2019, I had another jolt. This is really not uncommon, I have found in talking to other people about their journeys, every time it's time to take another turn or another side path off what do you think is the main path, there will be a sense of this is not right, or there'll be a surprise happen in your life. And this was the case with me. I had an unpleasant experience that I won't go into, that really made me think well, what am I doing here? Even though I seemed to be outwardly aligning, I still had a sense that I wasn't quite doing what I had agreed to do when I came here, that is when I incarnated on Earth. 

Because one of the things that the so-called star people I connected with in Peru had said to me was that they had been interested in the human race for a long time. And so while I was becoming comfortable with the fact that I had connected with something, and I was no longer obsessing over who or what I had connected with, I began to have a sense that the very fact that they had presented themselves as coming from the stars, quote, unquote, was something that it was now time for me to dig into. So it led me in to another few rabbit holes of research. And I began to read people like Graham Hancock, who has ideas of an alternative history of humanity and our development, and Zechariah Sitchin, who many years ago, a few decades ago, came up with a theory also about our origins. And those origins, Hancock and Sitchin and others claim, connected to extra terrestrials more advanced than us who actually developed the human race, or modified the human race genetically as some sort of experiment, or some sort of master plan for us to serve them, i.e. the more advanced ETs. Whether you believe this or not, it actually opened another avenue of thinking for me, which was that there are parts of our history that are not commonly discussed, or not taught in schools. And there are, there is evidence of an alternative history, archaeologically speaking, and so on, that presents itself every now and then, but it's not our orthodox history that is accepted by us. And I began to wonder why this was the case. 

Now up to this point, I was a love and light, New Age spiritual person, right? Ever since my spiritual journey began in 2008. Also, when I was reading books about spirituality, I was reading about how positive thinking would help shape a positive reality for us, how you could manifest things with mantras and affirmations and use the power of thought energy to change our lives for the better. And then I read all these books, including a fantastic series of books called the Seth material by a lady called Jane Roberts, who was channelling an entity called Seth. I loved all of those books. In none of those books, was there anything negative about some sort of alternative history for humanity. 

But there was another series of books that I had read around the same time when I was embarking on my spiritual journey that I hadn't really resonated with. But later on, in or around 2019, I decided to revisit those books and they are the Law of One books, channelled by a lady called Carla Rueckert with the help of Don Elkins and Jim McCarty, and what she channelled was a collection, a collective of entities, who were making constant reference to the dark side and the good side. Except they called it an orientation towards serving others which is positively oriented and is about uniting humanity and having empathy towards others, as to be contrasted with service towards yourself, which is, you know materialistic and selfish. And this series of books explained that there is a negative influence that comes from an energy of beings who are oriented towards serving self. And this was actually preventing humanity from evolving towards a higher consciousness that would see us take on the energy, unite and begin to be projected towards serving others. There was a choice point coming for us, according to these teachings, and we would select whether we were going to be service to others, that is positively polarised, or service to self, that is negatively polarised. And this was actually, I realised, what our whole shift in consciousness is about. 

So, what dawned on me through these readings was that there is a control presence on this planet. And it is negatively oriented in the sense of being service to self. And it has a wish to see humanity oriented also to serving ourselves rather than serving others. It uses the power of thought that I referred to, the power of our thoughts, to prevent us from realising our true nature as powerful beings, you know, spiritual beings, and to prevent us from uniting ourselves and from helping each other. Because our thoughts are used against us to actually manifest a controlling hierarchical structure, through our education and our information systems. And our thoughts reinforce this reality of hierarchy and control. 

So the shift in consciousness that many of us are here to be part of, is not just an evolution that's about the next step up for humanity. It's also an awakening to the power-centred, self-serving, controlling influences that we are allowing to be exerted over us. So people who want to change the world, and you may have heard people refer to themselves as lightworkers, in that they are working with light and positive energy to make a change, it's really not about stepping up to the next level of consciousness alone, it's also about breaking out of control structures that surround us. 

So this is what my whole experience in Peru led me down the path of realising and obviously, I'm still working on  a lot of these concepts and teachings, I'm still integrating them and still embodying them because the path of evolution towards higher consciousness never ever stops. 

So I moved from being someone who felt trapped within the system to try and to work within the system to change it as an idealist. But being an idealist within the system was not, I began to see, going to be really effective, because I was trying to make the changes within the hierarchical power-driven control matrix. So I left the system of working within a law firm. And really, as I think, I became what you would call a rebel, outside of the system. I think anybody trying to make a change today is well served to understand that if you're working within the system, then you're working within the very structure that prevents us from understanding who we are. And it presents a false screen of reality. And no effective change, in my opinion, can be achieved within it. 

There are some people, lawyers included, who work to fight against these control structures. But the thing about being a fighter is that you're then using your precious energy, thought energy, and your own life energy to continue to exist in a reality where those structures are real, and you're actually lending your energy still towards those structures. The most effective way to take the next step is to be fully aware of them. But to create, to use our positive energy, to use the power of thought, dreaming, imagination, creation and manifestation to redesign something new altogether. And that's where I find myself now. So I'd say I'm someone who understands or is on the road to understanding the extent of the malignancy of our current situation, which I also sometimes call the shadow of our collective. I know the extent of control that has been exerted over humanity. It's not pleasant, but it's there. It's a fact of something that we've accepted. I'm not going to waste my time working within structures that don't serve us. And I'm going to work outside those structures to create something new and liberating for humanity. 

So if I have any message for anyone on the path to awakening, and working for humanity, it is that when we use our energy to work for the light, we should have an appreciation of the shadow so that we can not only build something positive and exciting and loving, but we know not to attach those things that we are creating to all negative frameworks that don't serve us.

In following episodes, I'm going to talk a little bit more about control structures, and I'm going to get specific about what they are from my perspective, and so people really, the aim is people know what they are and don't waste efforts unnecessarily within those control structures to try and make a change. So thanks so much for listening. There'll be more to follow. But I'm going to stop talking for now about my Peru experiences and start focusing on how we're going to redesign the New Earth. Thank you very much.


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